TATD - What a Bargain!

These days there are so many dance conventions offered throughout the year. But no other convention can hold a candle to what TATD has to offer for teachers and students! Here are some reasons why...

  • Tuition for TATD member teachers $315 for 4 days of classes (this includes notes, a free DVD of material, breakfast and luncheon ticket, plus 2 additional meals, a reunion party, and reception prior to the banquet!).
    Other convention's tuition average about $230 for 2 days of classes with no perks other than free dance notes.
  • Tuition for TATD students $340.00 for 4 days of classes (with 6.5 hours of instruction EVERY day from top choreographers/teachers and 2 meals)
    Other conventions tuition average about $183.75 for 2 days of classes (sometimes with as few as 4 hours of classes each day)
  • At TATD you have the opportunity to share ideas and receive support from a family of studio professionals not only at the convention but also throughout the year. Each member receives a membership roster so you can contact each other throughout the year and we offer our mini-convention in the fall where you can get some material ready to teach in the classroom and have more time for sharing and fellowship!
  • Students have the opportunity to "show their stuff" at the student floor show in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. They also have the opportunity to earn a convention scholarship by working hard each day in their classes while at convention!
    Other conventions provide competitions (with costly entry fees) for students to compete for prizes and offer auditions for scholarships in other states which students may not be able to attend.
  • At TATD, you can video any/all classes!
  • At TATD, we pride ourselves in caring about the education and quality of instruction for our students and teachers!

We hope to see you at our convention in June!

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